Great Breitling Premier Heritage B09 Chronograph Green Dial

However, Patek Philippe and Tudor aren’t the only brands to use green on their new “Watches and Wonders” launches. Panerai has chosen to use green on a variant of its new Luminor Marina steel model, and you can also see green on new models from other brands.  Breitling watches en60288-1
Even Breitling, which is not included in the official list of brands participating in Watches & Wonders, has released some new models that more or less coincide with the timing of the digital event. One of the variants of the new hand-wound Breitling Premier Heritage B09 Chronograph features a stainless steel case with a unique double dial in pistachio green with Arabic numerals, giving the watch an inherent vintage aesthetic overall.
Another trend we noticed at Watches & Wonders – and one that seems to have carried over from last year – is that brands continue to incorporate playful and unconventional color options into their respective lines. Last year, we saw Rolex add a whole line of brightly colored dials to its updated Oyster Perpetual Calendar collection, and these new models have become very popular in the past few months since their announcement.
This year, a number of other brands have also added some interesting and rarely seen dial colors. One of the most playful is the new Sixty Five Marshmallow model from Oris Divers. The new model features a 38mm bronze case, a bronze bezel, and even an optional full bronze bracelet. But all bronze is something Oris has done before, and the real talking point of these fake Rolex watches is their “marshmallow” pastel dials, which are named Sky Blue, Wild Green, and Lipstick Pink.
Some brands like Breitling and IWC have just introduced one or two fresh colors into their lineups, but others like Zenith and Cartier have introduced new models in several different unconventional color options. Cartier watches have received a lot of attention in the last year or two and one of the reasons why the brand is so highly regarded is that it has many historic designs that have remained largely consistent over the years.
The new Cartier Tank Must watch are available in blue, green, or red and each comes with a leather strap that perfectly matches the color of its dial creating a new cohesive look for one of the oldest and most historic watch designs in the world. Featuring a stainless steel case and quartz movement, these replica watches are designed to offer a more affordable option than many of the brand’s other offerings and are the perfect style for anyone who already owns a more traditional Cartier Tank watch and loves its design, but wants to add some unique color to it.