Replica Hublot Classic Fusion Watch at Cheap Price

Classic Fusion is a hot series of Hublot, it is popular for using fusion materials, while another big trait is that Classic Fusion watches have a thinner case than other Hublot replica watches. The watch I am going to introduce is a blue theme of Hublot Classic Fusion, and the basic movement is SW300 or Swiss ETA 2892. Even though it comes with a clone movement, the model has a power reserve of 41 hours. SW300 has almost the same structure as ETA 2892, JJ factory just used ETA 2892 movement to polish and clone it to look of original HUB1112. Geneva Stripes, polishing, Hublot LOGO, Seal like HUB11, SWISS, TWENTY are all manufactured following with genuine movement, maybe the letterings are a little large, but it’s difficult to identify even for an expert. Hublot replica watches hub-088785_04
You know that the replica Hublot has a particular shape, and the diameter of this Classic Fusion watch is 42mm, which includes the crown. The thickness is almost the same, genuine watch is 9.8mm, while this replica is 9.85mm. The case is made of Titanium, it is brushed, look at the round edge of bezel, it is polished like a mirror. Case back has an amazing high standard, so you can’t tell which one is a replica when putting a genuine watch aside. Titanium back is brushed and has correct engravings like genuine, the same font size. After being tested, the crown and tube could be interchanged with genuines.
Dial is blue, coupled with silver hour markers and slender hands, the dial looks very gorgeous. Brushed metal face has radiating patterns, very cool. Hour markers are three-dimensional, like hour and minute hands, each marker has several cutting face. What’s more, their 3D look has a great visual effect.
There is one pair of blue leather band on this watch, the outside is real leather made, while inside is blue rubber that is waterproof, backside rubber contacts your wrist skin and you can feel its super softness and very comfortable.
I prefer this Hublot replica watch a lot, not because the material but also the reliable Swiss movement, the biggest major why I choose it lies in its classic and harmonious blue color, as well as the simple appearance. The fake watch has a thin case and practical functions, so I think it is just made for me.

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