The Innovation of Rolex YachtMaster & Rolex YachtMaster II

 Rolex Yacht Master IIFor most watches enthusiasts, what the Replica Rolex YachtMater appeals to them is the easily recognizable design. This iconic timepiece with a very remarkable legacy is a much loved and desired design that evokes timeless beauty, elegance and charm. Until 2007, the YachtMaster only has its classic dial layout, but it has different color combinations or sizes. There’s no obvious changes happened to its initial look. Then things changed. Rolex decided it was time to reinvent this best-seller.
Rolex YachtMaster II, it is a spectacular Rolex creation. The case is wonderful because of 4 amazing material selections- steel, steel and everose gold, yellow gold, and white gold and platinum. The size of the case is 44 mm, a little bigger than the usual Rolex models, but when you wear it on your wrist, it still looks very good. The original Yacht Master II watch comes with a scratch proof sapphire crystal and you shouldn’t accept anything different from a replica watch.
Most innovations of the Rolex YachtMaster II can be found on the dial. The color of the dial are blue, red and white contrasts, two well-balanced small dials, lots of wordings and 4 distinctive hands. Although a lot of elements are added to its dial layout, it still looks simple, perfectly tempered and elegant. It’s not difficult to read the time and different functions on this watch. It has an upper counter that looks like a fraction of a disc and there are digits from 1-10 are displayed in it. This is the countdown that is designed to have a mechanical memory programmable from 10 minutes to one. Also, a chronograph dial is on the lower part of the watch, and it’s implemented especially for yacht racing.
There are no major aesthetic or functional changes to the bracelet of the Rolex Yacht Master II. The only distinctive thing about it are the materials from which Rolex decided to make it- steel, steel and everose gold, yellow gold, and white gold and platinum.
In the watches industry, the replica Rolex YachtMaster II is still a novelty and its price defines it as an exclusivist luxury timepiece. The price of it is a little bit over $18, 000 and it is made from exceptional materials. Because of this and the fact that it features a regatta counter, no wonder why so many replica watch collectors have instantly taken it as a much sought after model.

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